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Creating a Diversified Portfolio of Profitable Business Ventures

Welcome to Cowessess Ventures

Cowessess First Nation is a progressive community focused on economic development as one of many means to becoming a self-sustaining Nation. Cowessess has been on this journey for many years and created numerous businesses along the way.

Since 2006 the Nation has been focused on new business creation and has numerous legal entities set up through limited partnership agreements under Cowessess First Nation. As a Nation, Cowessess wants to achieve prosperity and wealth creation through strategic development, targeted investments, and fostering partnerships.

To assist in moving the economic development mandate forward, Cowessess First Nation established Cowessess Ventures Ltd. in 2018, as an umbrella organization responsible for Cowessess First Nation’s business endeavours and industry partnerships. With the creation of Cowessess Ventures, the Nation is intent on expediting the economic growth and business development opportunities for the benefit of its citizens.


Cowessess Ventures is responsible for building business excellence on behalf of its existing businesses, partnerships, and development opportunities.


Cowessess Ventures strives to create a profitable investment portfolio that results in diversified economic success, enhanced Nation employment, and organizational self-sustainability to achieve economic independence for Cowessess First Nation.


Cowessess Ventures’ main responsibility is to oversee existing business operations and develop new business pursuits, including urban land development, natural resources, agriculture, businesses in retail, renewable energy, and more. As the general partner for the Limited Partnership, the Corporations is mandated with:

“The responsibility to oversee and manage the business of the Limited Partnership as referenced in the Cowessess Ventures Limited Partnership Agreement which includes, but is not limited to, acquiring, holding and manage property, business, and related economic development ventures on behalf of the Cowessess First Nation.”

Core Organizational Values

Cultural Pride

We honour traditions and culture in all business transactions and ensure Indigenous beliefs are upheld and practiced.

Mutual Respect

We treat and interact with all individuals, staff, and business partnerships in a mutually beneficial, professional and respectful manner.


We will act honestly, with dignity, and uphold our uncompromising ethics in all our business dealings and interactions.

Transparency and Accountability

We will conduct all business and partnerships in an open, communicative, and accountable manner.


We will manage and maintain profitable business pursuits while responsibly managing traditional lands, resources, businesses, and partnerships for the benefit of future generations.


We believe in fostering goodwill and friendship in all our relationships.

Cowessess Ventures Ltd. Managed Entities

Canada’s First Wind, Solar, Battery Storage Facility
Fueling Your Convenience, Gas and Grocery Needs
Developing Cowessess Land for Future Generations

Cowessess First Nation Affiliate Entities

Industrial • Civil • Buildings Fabrication • Maintenance Infrastructure
Harnessing the Power of Solar