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Operating under the umbrella of Little Child Holdings Ltd., Cowessess Gas & Grocery (CGG) comprises of two gas stations. Both CGG gas stations are Esso branded. The location of the first established gas station is on Cowessess, just off highway #247 on 605 grid in the Qu’Appelle valley. We refer to the on-reserve location as Store-I. Store 1 offers regular, premium, and diesel fuels, lottery, confectionery and grocery items. The second location is located 3 km Southeast of Regina, just off highway #33. Store-II offers regular and diesel fuels and convenience items. Between the two locations the stores employ 26 full-time and part-time employees. 18 of these employees are Cowessess citizens.

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Services Offered

Store I
Cowessess Gas & Grocery I (Cowessess)
  • Full Service (Regular, Premium & Diesel)
  • Full Grocery store
  • Lottery, Tobacco & Cigarettes
Store II
Cowessess Gas & Grocery II (Regina)
  • Full Service (Regular & Diesel)
  • Convenience items
  • Tobacco & Cigarettes


In 1989, there was a TLE claim by Cowessess First Nation on land along the 605 grid, following which a tax-free strip mall was built by Cowessess. In 1995, Cowessess First Nation bought Marieval General Store from local long time owner and renamed it to Cowessess Gas & Grocery. After 3 years, the Marieval location was shut down and both gas and grocery operations were co-located into the present-day location in the strip mall.

After the success of Store I, Cowessess citizen and staff member, Lucy Pelletier, who presently serves on CVL board wrote the business plan for Store II in 2001.  In 2003, Store II was established at its present-day location near Regina, which is also reserve status Cowessess land. During its construction, a water pipeline was expanded to enlarge the lot service to attract another tenant in the same lot. The infrastructure is still open to another business development in this lot.  Cowessess has long term aspirations to develop additional businesses around the Store II location.


In 2019, significant infrastructure upgrades were made to both stores. The objective was to improve infrastructure and co-brand with national brand, Esso, to attract a wider market share. Cowessess Gas and Grocery wants to attract patrons from the community, the lake and highway traffic; the best way to do that was infrastructure improvements and co-branding.

At Store I, new dispensers, tanks and point of sale system were installed. LED lighting, surveillance and secondary electrical panel upgrades were made.  A new lit highway sign with price changer at highway #247 and 605 grid intersection was installed. In addition product selection expanded to include premium gasoline to attract the lake and recreational tourist market.

At Store II all of the dispenser were changed, as well as site signage to include the Esso brand.

Both locations offer PC Optimum Points.  To sign up for a PC Optimum card please click here

For great customer service, quality Esso fuel and competitive tobacco pricing, come visit Cowessess Gas and Grocery.

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